What is acetate?

It's an editing/publishing organism that publishes limited quantities of still largely unknown fine text. The name acetate is derived from the material used for music-promotion records. We keep the publishing and sales rights only for the limited number of copies that we print.

Our first product is "Rumah Panggung, Perahu di Kota" (acetate 001). This had to be edited to provide accurate information in Indonesian, a language that was not a native tongue of any of our members, which I believe was the most appropriate way to start this project.

Management of acetate is independent from any other organizations. We will continue our activities as long as our budget remains, while imagining new possibilities and considering daily details and things in a way that is possible only for a small-scale publisher.

A chicken keeps pecking,,,,,,

27 August 2003
Norihito Nakatani

This activity ended at 27 August 2014.
We express our appreciation to all readers of "acetate”.

Norihito Nakatani

c/o nakatani-seminar,
Department of Architecture Major in Architecture,
Faculty of Science and Engineering,
Waseda university
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169-8555, JAPAN
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